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Older Samsung DCS Telephone Systems Spares

If your organisation wants to keep repairing your old Samsung telephone system then we at Telephone Systems Direct are the people to ring. So what if the manufacturer has discontinued the older models? They only have to provide components for 5 years after production is ceased. You just need a telecoms supplier who stocks all items and has an eagerness to retain your custom. So if your quest is to find a specialist in Samsung DCS telephone systems, deleted and current, then you have arrived with the leaders. Or you can just visit our downloads page for telephone system installation instructions.

You made a wise choice by choosing Samsung telephone systems because they have significant market share with the UK. As a result you can access our huge inventory of bits for legacy Samsung telephone systems including the Samsung DCS and continually maintain your phones, without being forced to invest in a replacement. You can rest easy in the knowledge that we have installed Samsung telephone systems since their British launch. Take comfort in the fact that we have performed the installation of Samsung telephone systems for over 3 thousand companies of all sizes who have chosen us to maintain their Samsung Telecoms hardware.

You can arrange for quick repairs down to component level for everything from power supplies through to voicemail cards. This helps by reducing your costs to a bare minimum. Your staff can continue to work on the Samsung telephone systems that they are familiar with and you can plan to replace when it suits you best.

If you want comprehensive cover for your Samsung telephone systems then we offer an unbeatable maintenance contract. You will have guaranteed response time from an approved Platinum partner. There are 8 Platinums in Britain. This also means that your budget can be fixed because any failures are covered under the agreement.

DCS Samsung telephone systems varied in capacity up to the Samsung iDCS500 but we support them all. They were designed to deliver integrated voice and data to small and medium sized businesses and the voluntary and public sectors.

The range encompassed variations to meet the must haves of your business:

• Samsung DCS supporting up to 202 ports (Beige plastic cabinet, max 3, with cassette architecture)
• Samsung DCS Compact II up to 86 port (grey metal cab with side expansion)
• Samsung DCS 816 covering 8 lines, 16 extensions (of which 4 analogue)
• Samsung DCS 408 – plassy 4 line, 8 extn (4 alog)
* Samsung DCS Compact - The original
* Samsung iDCS 100
* Samsung iDCS 500
* Samsung OfficeServ OS100
* Samsung OfficeServe OS500
* Samsung Office Serve OS12

Other Samsung telephone systems include the iDCS500, (the combined communications platform for IP over a LAN), the DCS ViP, (the Internet keyphone platforms), and various Voice-processing and CTI applications.
Samsung Electronics is a leading producer of the latest telecommunications solutions. Benefiting from the synergy~ offered by one of the world's most respected technology organisations, we supply our customers with a total solution to their datacomms and comms needs.

With features such as ISDN and cordless technologies, Computer Telephony Integration , contact centre functionality, integral voice-mail and least-cost routing, DCS brings efficiency and simplicity to all your telephony processes.

Samsung telephone systems options

• Operator Consoles
• Digiphones & daughter-cards
• Doorphones
• Fax
• DECT8000
• Single-line DECT
• Networking
• SoBus
• DCS Call Centre
• Call-Logging
• Least-cost Routing
• Keyphones and handsets
• VM
• Trunk to trunk transfer
• Auto attendant
• Paging
• Music-on-hold
• VoIP
• Inter-office networking

All samsung telephone systems are modular and future-proof, giving you complete peace of mind that it can be upgraded to bring more services.

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